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    All My Save DCs are 10

    I posted this in the wrong forum. I tried to delete but cannot. Sorry for a double-post as I am now posting this in the 5E forum, too.

    I'm newish and so take that into account. However, I noticed all my characters and my friends' characters have spell DCs of 10. They are all level 1s and this includes Cleric, 3 Wizards, and Sorcerer sheets. I had been running Grim Press 5E DMG and PHB Automatic Effects but I have this same problem when I load in without these enabled and loaded.

    I am seeing Base is "8 + Ability" and Stat as "Base" when I look into each spell with a save. If I change Base to the actual INT or CHA or WIS for the proper class, it then works fine.

    Is this just me?

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