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    Light sources don't load on reverting an image until you /reload

    With the lighting update out, I went into the adventure module I'm running and added light sources to my maps. Then I exported the module and switched over to my campaign that uses it.

    The light sources did not appear. This makes sense as the maps have had changes during the campaign during play (doors opened/closed, blood splatters put down, etc). I figured if I reverted the maps, the light sources would appear. Reverting did cause the light layer to appear, but the actual light sources themselves did not appear.

    I closed and reopened the FG and then they were there. With some further testing, I determined that /reload makes them appear too.

    TLDR: If you revert a map to pick up the light sources on it, the light layer will appear, but the actual light sources themselves won't until you do a /reload.

    Mainly posted this so people know there's a quick workaround.

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    I haven't seen that in my local version. Which module and map are you seeing this?


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    This happened to be too! Thanks for the heads up. This will be most helpful.

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    I was able to recreate this, and filed a ticket for @cpinder.

    If you need to revert maps to get lighting data, you'll have to reload the session after reverting (before making any other changes).

    I'm sure we can get this patched up tomorrow or early next week.


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    @Sterno, thanks so much for this! I saw this last night after updating, but didn’t have time to really dig into it or put together a report other than “stuff doesn’t work right”. I was going to look at it again today after work, and you’ve saved me the trouble. Very helpful!

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