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    System locking up

    Hello all,

    I have been having an issue with FGU locking up (spinning blue wheel) at random times. It happens with players logged in or when I am just working on the campaign. It is happening with my own SagaBorn system (based on the 3.5 system). When I run Cyberpunk Red games with Morecore I don't have any issues.

    Ruleset(s): SagaBorn (modded 3.5 ruleset)

    New Campaign / FGC Migrated Campaign: FGC Migrated Campaign

    Extensions/Themes: Shops, Dark Theme

    Modules Loaded:None

    Operating System / Language Setting: Asus RoG laptop. I7 2.8, 32gb RAM, Windows 10 64

    Steps to Reproduce: Anytime, happens every 5-15 minutes, online or offline.

    I have the latest version of FGU (and this has been happening for the past year)
    I have searched the forums over the past year and I didn't find anyone describing exactly this.
    I attached the system as well.
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    A spinning wheel is typically indicative of an endless loop in the ruleset/extension scripts.

    Unfortunately, we don't have the bandwidth to debug community rulesets. If you can recreate with one of the rulesets we provide (5E, 4E, 3.5E, PFRPG, PFRPG2, etc.), please provide an example campaign and any steps to follow on loading.


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    Thanks. I will keep an eye on when it occurs.

    I didn't know if it was a problem with a backup program or other thing.

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