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    Can "Rolls" be accessed from LUA to ... roll?

    I think I recall Damned saying that the only way to roll rolls was pressing the button. If so, that is fine - I will try creating my first non MC roll later . But I figured I'd check.

    Basically, I will have a /swsave that get's it's target number programatically based on race/class/level and some situational factors. That's fine for when I want them to manually trigger it. But I already coded a /swspell that either says X casts y or it says that and rolls damage dice either static or level based. I figure I could add to that that it triggers a save roll on the target(s) but not sure if can work it to use the /swsave or if need to do my own non MC action for that.

    If know of examples if it IS allowed, feel free to name em.

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    If you are using the CoreRPG roll actions system internally, then you can use ActionsManager.performAction with a nil for the draginfo parameter. (See 5E for many examples.)

    If you want to access the API directly, and manage yourself; there is a Comm.throwDice API call.


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    Just have a look at the code that runs when the Roll button is clicked.

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