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    LFG D&D 5e, 2 Players LF Evening Game Sat-Wed, EST US Time Zone

    Number of Players: 2

    Time of Day Available: 7PM - 12AM any days except Thu and Fri

    Fantasy Grounds License: 1 ultimate, 1 demo

    Term of game play: prefer long-term, but up for 1-shots

    Voice/Visual: Discord preferred

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5e

    Game System Experience: new to 5e, but have played AD&D, 2e, and 4e in the past

    Fantasy Grounds Experience: new, but learns quickly. I used the Maptools VTT quite a bit for 4e LFR.

    Character Type Preferred: I prefer DPS/Striker types and he prefers Healing/Support types

    About Yourself: My friend and I just want to play some D&D! He has a little tabletop experience, but really wants to get into some games to learn more about 5e. I've played a little bit of everything except 3 and 3.5e but I'm coming off a 10-year break and am pretty new to 5e. We are probably not Mercer-level roleplayers, but are very enthusiastic and easy-going players. I want to DM some 5e games once I feel more "5e confident" but in the meantime I keep coming up with the awesome character concepts and I'm dying to get some of them on paper and into a game!

    If you need a couple of players for your game and don't mind tolerating our relative noobness, please hit me up!
    My Discord is Cinderface#8901 or feel free to PM me here.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderface View Post

    Character Type Preferred: I prefer DPS/Striker types and he prefers Healing/Support types
    Can confirm. I am the other one he's talking about. Really ..... REALLY.... want to play. Up for just about anything that involves throwing dice with friends (even ones I haven't met yet).

    ZugZug#9238 on Discord. PM me anytime.

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    Hiya, I don't really have a ready made table to offer you a seat at, but I figured I'd respond since you gents sound like you're in the same boat I'm in. I'm a long time D&D player, I've just recently started in with FGU and D&D 5E. I'm also looking for a game to join, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings/nights. If nothing else pans out for you guys, I would be interested in getting something started up with like-minded people. A beginner friendly setting, everyone learning together without pressure (even the DM too), but aiming for a long term gaming group.

    I'd be willing to mentor with my recently acquired 5e/FGU knowledge, maybe even DM to get started, but not sure I have the commitment to DM forever. As a long time gamer, I think I have enough familiarity now with 5e to lay out the basics for a group, but I'm still learning 5e specifics too. I may potentially even have some friends/relatives willing to play too.

    I'm tickterd#8782 on Discord. Not always logged in, but I'm often online evenings.

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