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    Interesting, thank you for making this!

    Is it possible to do a bane damage type effect? I know I can accomplish this if I add the bane type effect on a player but not sure how (or if it's possible) to do it on a weapon. This effect will deal the 2d6 damage and then expire at the end of the inititive round, but the extension won't add multiples of the effect (incase the baddie gets hit 2+ times with the giants bane weapon) and it still rolls a save (which on a natural 20 won't apply the desired effect regardless of DC).

    On hit effect:
    IF: TYPE(Giant); DMGO: 2d6+2

    On player effect:
    IFT: TYPE(Giant); ATK: 2; DMG: 2d6+2;

    I think I'm reaching for the stars, just curious.
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