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    Wall Occluder Issue

    Just came across a slight issue whilst doing some testing - I have a small room / corridor leading off the main hall, with the occluders set up as below:

    When I turn the lighting and LoS on, set it so I can see as the player and select the token, I can see straight through the wall to the left of the lower door. In the picture below, the top door is open and the other two are closed.

    Opening and closing the bottom or right doors will often cause that section of the wall to switch between working and not working - for example, whilst taking the screenshots for this, opening the lower door, then the rightmost door and then closing the rightmost door again caused the wall to start working properly:

    In case it's helpful, this is a pathfinder 1e campaign that's essentially empty - no modules loaded, no extensions, just the image I was playing with.
    The campaign had been copied across from Live when I switched over, then I added the image to the campaign, created the image record and then manually drew in the LoS and added some lights. I've attached the campaign folder as well.
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    Thanks for the write-up, pictures and campaign. That's exactly the level of detail that should make this easier for @cpinder to recreate.


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