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    Using Lighting and LOS in Test FGU 4.1 Strange behaviour

    Hi All,

    This is a pain that maybe some of the veterans could have easily figured out and avoided, so I'm just wondering if there is a better way of solving it.

    Yesterday, I painstakingly went through integrating the LOS and LIghting of a top view map of Ground Level of Ravenloft Castle map by Trevor Amstrong.

    I spent all day setting it up, and right at the end, the complete lower tiled map moved slightly left and down, and it completely deassociated with the LOS and Light markers I had set up. I tried undoing with CTR-Z , but that just removed layers, which I couldn't recuperate with CTRL Y (Undue Undue).

    I tried abruptly closing FGU to avoid the map getting saved, but to no avail. On reloading I still had the damaged map.

    After a lot of frustration I closed the FGU and went to bed, with a sweat and sour sensation. I was so excited with the lighting effect as it really gives a new feeling to the maps and immersion. Really looking to sharing with my players.

    Currently redoing the work.


    1. Is there a way of moving the tile under the map? Or is it just a matter of reselecting all the LOS and Light Markers and moving them? - I just found out, by selecting Layers and selecting Tile...
    2. Is there a proper way of undoing actions on the maps? Not only the layers?
    3. How could I have reloaded an older version of the map?
    4. Is there a rollback capability?
    5. Is there a way of doing a stained glass effect? I tried brushes, but I cant reselect them and they also moved.

    Lessons Learnt
    1. Lock all the finished Wall sections to avoid them moving.
    2. Group the Lights into Rooms, rename the lights and, and LOCK them.
    3. Strange behaviour started (or I was aware) when I started trying to include the ambient lighting. Maybe ambient lighting should be done first.

    Strange Behaviour.
    Some times light layer would appear as a layer but not have a Light symbol, see picture:FGU -Light Issue.png

    Thanks for reading this far, and looking forward to having 4.1 properly integrated into a cool final version.

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    1. As you found, using the Layers mode is the way to transform layers (move, scale, rotate).

    2. Not all actions in image actions are hooked up with undo/redo at this point. I've been filing tickets with our developer to add more support for undo/redo. The beta version has more support, but we're still working on it.

    3. If the image record was originally from a module, you can use the Revert option in the Images list to return the image record to the original value from the module. If the image record was created by you using module assets, then it is only stored in the campaign data. For campaign data, a backup file is made once each day in the campaign folder. However, based on your report, I don't think either of these would have been that useful, unless you had just started working on the map that day.

    4. See answer #3.

    5. Do you have an example picture of the stained glass effect you are looking for?

    6. If there is a layer named Lights without a light symbol, this means that an automatic layer was created on adding a light, and the layer remains even if the light is removed. By default when adding a light, a layer is only created if no layers are selected or the top/selected layer is not an image layer. We have found that having a token selected counts against this logic, and will create a layer on every light add. It's something I have a ticket open for. In general, light layers without the light symbol can be removed, with the caveat that you have not added any LoS or painting to that layer in the mean time.


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