Campaign Setting

Set in the Forgotten Realms on the Moonsea region approximately 150 years after the events of the 2nd Edition module Ruins of Adventure and the Gold Box video game Pool of Radiance. Adventurers are needed to protect trade and defeat the lawless.

Episode 26 on May 14, 2021: After rescuing hostages held by the lizardfolk from the Twilight Marsh the north Moonsea has been on edge. The dragon, Throstulgrael (aka "Black Velvet") which previously enslaved the lizardfolk and demanded human food, is now destroying farms, ships, and caravans in retribution for adventurers meddling in its affairs. The now liberated lizardfolk also seek revenge on Black Velvent for enslaving them. The lizardfolk tribes seek an alliance with human civilization to drive Black Velvet from the Twilight Marsh once and for all.

Type of Game

This is a Drop In Campaign. It has a long running story arc, but players are not expected to make a commitment as with a traditional campaign. One Shot players are welcome to "drop in" for a single episode. We try to have everyone bock at basecamp by end of the session.

FG Version:

FGU Ultimate. No license needed by players.

VTT Addons:

All of Rob2Eís actions and effects along with the Syrinscape SuperSyrin subscription and Syrinscape sound triggers in game.


We are scheduling Episode 26 for Friday May 14, 2030 ET (UTC-5) to 2400 or a little later depending on where we can find a stopping place.


We do not require Adventurerís Legue (AL) Rules As Written (RAW). All character components from any 5EWotC publication are allowed. 5E WotC UA classified as Play Test is allowed, but you will need to code the character class in FG.

If you are signing up with less than 24 hours before the session this means you are skipping any Session 0 help with creating a character. You must create your character on your own using Fantasy Grounds, import from D&D Beyond, choose a pregen character. New players will start at 3rd level with 2700 gp.


We donít use alignment as a game mechanic. Your character and NPCs are all individuals acting in their individual, societal, guild, religious, etc. Best interest. Your character wonít be penalized for inconsistent behavior to an alignment. If you want to be evil or good all the time that is up to you. If you're evil before you've had your morning coffee then welcome aboard!

The Pillars:

Social Interation: High

Exploration: High

Combat: Low


Voice and Text will be necessary. Bi-weekly voice sessions will be live group session. In between adventures downtime will take place in a play by mail format on the off week (not real time). You can relax and wait for the next voice session or have your PC or loyal NPCs do simple side quests or tasks to increase your wealth and influence. Webcams are optional. Privacy and anonymity will be respected if you donít want your true names or faces revealed.

Recording, Podcasting, Livestreaming:

DM reserves the right to record the audio session and video record the FG program to produce a text based recap that will become part of the adventurers journal distributed to the party.


$15/live session with payment via StartPlaying. The system will stop accepting payments when the table has maxed out. If you can make a payment then you can join the table.

About the DM:

Started playing red box Basic D&D in 1986. DMed my first AD&D 1E campaign in 1988. Have been an enthusiast since the beginning and I am a Forgotten Realms historian/lore enthusiast. I bring a 5e+ game to the table with 5e rules and then using earlier editions if needed. We draw heavily on Cityscape, and Stronghold Builders Guidebook at higher levels. For more details or to see my other games please visit my DM profile.


PM here and I will respond promptly.