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    New To world of DnD - Hi

    Hello community.

    I am relatively new to DnD but was introduced to this awesome game first via Dungeons & Dragons Online.

    I am most familiar with 5e version & Sword Coast as I have been playing Phandelvers but have also been introduced to Icemaiden & Candlekeep. I am keen to run Strahd at some point also.

    When purchasing modules is there a story order? If so what is it please?

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    Good Day TC Belle and Welcome
    Most of the big campaigns seem to start at level one, so you are probably not going to be playing the same characters through them. So I would believe it is not really that important as to the order unless you want to have some of the deeds performed by your previous play pop in somewhere.
    I did run across this video discussing this exact topic the other day:

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    All or most of the Big Modules are pretty much standalone.
    They take months to play thru.
    Reboot at the end and start with new toons and a new adventure.

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    Think about what type of adventure you want to run, find the one that fits best. Find out what levels the adventure is for, then you can start seeing what adventures you might run (before or) after.

    As said, most modules cover many levels. Some are 1st to 12th (or so), a few are may start higher (like 4th) but often have suggestions on how to start with first level modules.

    Because of all of this, you generally won't play all the modules with the same characters (because they cover the same levels). Their is also no official date order for the modules. Though most are said to take place within a time period, specific dates (or even years) are given and might be inferred from other references and dates. In short, They don't want an official timeline because it gets in the way of fun.

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    As mentioned most adventure paths that run from 1st to 14ish are interchangeable order-wise. Once exception is the "Tyranny of Dragons" adventure path which was two books or modules. You should do the first module "Horde of the Dragon Queen" before the second module "The Rise of Tiamat".

    If you have specific questions about any of the adventure modules just ask.

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    ....unless you play Adventurers' League, and then your PC is portable between (certain) adventures.

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    Thank you everyone, you have been most helpful. I am really interested in The Curse of Strahd but I am a learner DM & learning FGU at the same time. I will maybe try a few oneshots and then jump in on Strahd since storyline/continuity doesnt seem to matter. I hate coming in half-way through a story LOL

    Big shoutout to FANTASY GROUNDS COLLEGE They are helping me in so many ways and are also an awesome community to hook up with.

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