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    Question 5e stat block question

    I'm converting a module and I have a stat block that is using:

    any chaotic alignment

    in the alignment field



    in the languages field

    Will this work, or does it have to name the alignment and/or languages specifically?

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    Yes, it will accept that text. I'm not sure whether an effect will pick up on the alignment bit. For example I don't know if an effect of IFT:ALIGN(chaotic) would work. But FG will certainly accept that text.
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    That should work. Berserkers in the Monster Manual are "any chaotic alignment". I would write out "all languages" instead of just putting "all". And if it makes sense add an explanation, ie comprehend languages

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    Ok, thanks so much!

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    Well, seeing this is a conversion for sale, I didn't want to have to change the text, unless what they said didn't work. Good to know for my own work though. Thank you

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