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    Light not showing when logged in as player

    Just grabbed the latest Test build after the update. Was trying out some stuff and noticed some issues with magical darkness, and while testing it out to write up a bug report, found a much larger issue that has nothing to do with darkness. I simply can't see light on another token when logged in as a player.

    I used CoreRPG to reproduce this.

    Step 1 - Place 3 tokens on the map. No light sources. Entire map is dark. GM and player view follow. So far so good.

    Step 2 - Drag a "Spell - Light" effect from the effects list to the bottom-right actor. Lights up correctly on the GM view (shown below), but the player view is still completely black (as in previous image). Moving any of the tokens around had no effect on what the player saw.

    Step 3 - Logged out and back in as the player. Reopened the map. Saw fog of war around where the lit token was, but not the light or the token. Player view shown below.

    Step 4 - Moved the lit token to a new spot on the GM view and logged the player out and back in again. Was expecting to see more Fog of War revealed. Oddly, the player still only saw the same as shown above in Step 3. GM view below to show where lit token ended up.

    Playing around with it a bit more, I gave the same player control of the guy with the light. After that, he could see normally. Even after I cleared his ownership of the guy with the light, his previous token who couldn't see light or the other token was now seeing light and movement updates of the other token. However, after logging out and back in as a player again, the player's view reverted to darkness with just a circle of Fog of War revealed exactly as in Step 3, even though that didn't even correspond to the light guy's position anymore.

    The player is seeing lights that I add directly to the map, though. It seems to be token lights that are the problem. Adding a light to the token via the lighting interface rather than effect yielded the same bugged results.
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    I see this exact same behavior in 5e. The attached file shows the players view...he is targeting two friendlies that both have torches. The GM preview, looking through his token, looks like its all working correctly but its not.
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    I figured it out! If the other character, that has a light source is owned by someone else and they aren't in the game then you see the above behavior. As soon as you clear owner or a player connects with the light bearing character, all works as it should.

    I'm not sure if that intended design because it seems a little odd.

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    Just retested this after DM_BK's comment (and because I thought I saw an update), because I figured that it might be a workaround that would let me run a test game with players, but before even testing what he said, I tried with an NPC (since they don't get assigned owners), and unfortunately NPCs with light sources don't show their lights in player views.

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