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    Precious Metal Armor in FG

    I am not sure how one would add something like Elven Chain to a character using what is already in the ruleset and am looking for some advice. If I take the entry for Elven Chain and place it in inventory it does nothing and if I make a copy in the ruleset and unlock it I see that there are not stats which I am seeing in a lot of the magical armor entries. I find this odd but I am sure there is a reason.

    Should I just add the chain shirt values into the copy of Elven Chain along with the +2 AC bonus or modify an existing Chain Shirt entry with the new data? Not sure there is a best way to do it I am just looking for some advice.

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    Yeah just create it. I think those items are just in there for you copy then to edit.
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    This is being tracked in the issues list as CR2.062. As has been mentioned in other threads, the treasures chapter data was simplified in order to allow the core rules to be released on time using the SmiteWorks DLC creation tools. The data will begin to be updated when Ruleset Release 18 functionality is live and the application of Paizo errata to all FG Core Rules data is complete.
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