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    From my fg experience as well as decades of experience supporting users with various applications. Learn the basics of the package before buying anything. Demos are good here of course. Youtube videos and in fg's case fantasygroundscollege .com can not be said enough.

    But having bought fgu already the aforementioned advice of others is very good. Start small. You have to give yourself some time. No sense rushing.

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    A lot of good tips here, as a still "new" GM still using FG Classic another one from me, which I follow, as good as I can:

    Note down (e.g. in the notes), how you "structure" your work-flow, game, adventure, even notes ....

    FG can do a lot for you in different ways, that the large amount of options and flexibility can overwhelm you.

    * Working "map" based -> I drag and drop all the stories, encounters, tables, in and out going maps, flavour pictures to the map I use these on, so I have them available as pins / links.
    * Working story/ note based -> I have a note for the current session where I do the same but this times I use a note not a map.

    You can use both mixed, you can use the hot keys and drag the important things you use more often there, you can just use the reference manual as a book a flip the pages there.
    Point is I still get overwhelm of the many different ways I can use FG to organize my stuff, that I have to note down my workflow so I stick to a certain workflow so and not organize every session different - unless there is a really good reason for it.

    OTOH, also explore what works best for you, which is what I am still doing, but note down what works and what not, so you establish over time a good workflow :-) .

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    Also "Don't Panic" is good advise, and When in doubt wing it and handle it like you would at the table, ask for a random roll and make up an answer.
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