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    Magical Darkness and Special Vision Issue

    Discovered this while playing in Test last night. D&D5e, custom maps (not a published module). I have a warlock player who took devil's sight and wants to use magical darkness as concealment but the lighting didn't work out to facilitate it as we had hoped. here's our test results from this discovery:

    3 player characters -
    one human cleric with no special vision
    one halfling warlock with devil's sight 120
    one half-orc fighter with darkvision 60

    Open map with 'sunlight' ambient light and 'spell-darkness' point light.

    My understanding is that the 'darkness light' is intended for instances of magical darkness per the preset 'spell-darkness'.
    Expected behavior:
    The human and half orc should not be able to see creatures in the darkness, and not see out of it.
    The halfling warlock should not percieve the darkness at all, from outside or inside.

    Observed behavior:
    The human and half orc in the darkness sphere cannot see other targets (expected)
    The human and half orc outside the darkness sphere sees 'fog of war' for the area of the sphere and beyond - but can still see tokens on the other side of the darkness. (unexpected - darkness should block line of sight to things beyond it)

    The warlock, from outside of the darkness sphere, can see as though there is no magical darkness (True for Devil's Sight - expected)
    The warlock, from inside the darkness sphere, can see nothing (unexpected - not true for devil's sight)

    Turning off the ambient light and with no other light sources:
    the human can not see any tokens from any position (no special vision)
    the half orc (Darkvision) cannot see the human on the opposite side of the darkness light. but can see them if they are 'in' in the darkness light. The halforc cannot see any tokens while inside the dark light.
    the warlock (Devil's Sight) cannot see the darkness light from outside of it and can see all tokens (both outside and inside the darkness) but when inside the darkness, the Devil's Sighted warlock cannot see anything.

    Human with "LIGHT: torch" effect but no ambient light
    cannot see tokens outside light radius, light extinguished inside darkness
    warlock with devil's sight can percieve 'light radius' around human when outside darkness, but not when the human is in the darkness (probably due to stacking luminence values?) token visible in both situations. When the warlock enters the darkness, they cannot see either the half orc or the illuminated human.
    half orc with darkvision can see the illuminated human on the opposite side of the darkness light and can see them when the human is inside the darkness light. When the half orc is in the darkness field, they cannot see any other tokens.

    Writing this up quickly before work, happy to provide screenshots when I get home tonight if requested. Hopefully this all makes sense.

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    Thanks for reporting. I was able to write up several items for @cpinder to review with regards to token visibility, special visions and darkness lights.


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