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    Sort Sidebar Alphabetically

    This very simple extension adds a button to the sidebar selection window that enables all record types, and sorts them alphabetically. This is a little different than the default "All" buttons sorting.

    This was based on CoreRPG and should be compatible with all CoreRPG based rulesets.

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    Thank you! One less thing for my obsessive/compulsive needs. Seriously, arranging those in alphabetical order is something I have always done when starting a new campaign.
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    I am going to start using it right away! Thanks Mattakure!

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    oh, yes, thank you Since the sidebar is just now labels without any different background, it is even more important that it is somehow sorted such that stuff can be found Now I do not need to sort it on my own

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    This is awesome. I didn't know I needed this.
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    This has already save me a lot of time looking for the button I need to use. Thanks a lot for it.

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    I mentioned this in Rob2E's Discord, but figured it was worth saying it here as well.

    Just wanted to offer a huge thank you on the Sidebar sorting. I have a player who at the end of last year suffered a stroke and one of his lingering issues can be reading. Just this week, we ran into the fun of getting him set back up with missing sidebar options and it was hard for him to be able to find a button that was in a "somewhat random order". This very simple QoL improvement means more then you probably know. This one simple thing is going to take what was a frustrating time for my friend into an easier time since it will remove some of the potential confusion for him.

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    Very useful, thanks!
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    I have been internally bitching to myself for years about this - ty ty!!

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