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    Bizarre behavior when there's a "darkness" source

    There seems to be a problem with lighting as soon as I add an actor with a "darkness" effect to them, where other actors not even in the darkness can be hidden (but not their lights) or they can show up during movement but disappear when movement ends.

    Note that I was also seeing the bug I reported here while reproducing this and worked around it by making sure I clicked on the Observer after every change, just to be sure his view refreshed.

    Step 1 - Put 3 actors on a map with LOS/Lighting enabled. There are some walls on the map, but none of it is blocking the actors from seeing each other. Start out in complete darkness. GM view and player views follow. The guy to the north is referred to as the Observer, and I'm running a second client as a player with him.

    Step 2 - Drag the "Light Spell" effect from the effects window presets to the bottom-right actor. Note I had to click on the Observer to get him to see that actor, as mentioned in my other bug report (linked above). GM view and player view follow.

    Step 3 - Drag the Darkness spell effect from the effects window presets to the bottom-left actor. GM view and player view follows. Note that upon doing this, you can still see the light from the bottom-right actor, but the actor himself has disappeared.

    Step 4 - Drag the two bottom actors closer together so their lights overlap. Note that at this point, everything goes black for the Observer even though there should be some light that isn't covered by darkness. GM view and player view follows.

    Step 5 - Start moving the Observer around (as a player). Note that the Actor with the light spell (and his light spell that isn't covered by darkness) appear as you move around, but disappear as soon as you stop moving.

    Imgur for whatever reason turned my gif into an MP4, so there's a link video of him moving here.

    Campaign is a new Core RPG campaign (only used in generating that other bug report), no modules or extensions loaded.
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    Thanks for the detailed report. I was able to recreate locally; and forwarded on to @cpinder.


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