If I wanted an NPC to have an undocumented (as far as 5e is concerned) trait/power added into the Combat Tracker when the NPC is added, is overriding the 'CombatManager2.parseNPCPower' the best/correct way to do this ?

I have an example below.

function newparseNPCPower(rActor, nodePower, aEffects, bAllowSpellDataOverride)
--Call original parseNPCPower function
oldparseNPCPower(rActor, nodePower, aEffects, bAllowSpellDataOverride)
local sDisplay = DB.getValue(nodePower, "name", "");
    local sName = StringManager.trim(sDisplay:lower());
    if sName == "newundocumentedeffect" then
        table.insert(aEffects, "newundocumentedeffect")
Any pointers would be appreciated.

Cheers, Steve.