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    Trying to understand lighting effects syntax

    The 4.1 info thread has this example for a torch effect.

    LIGHT: torch (equivalent to: LIGHT: 20 FFFFF3E1 flicker 25)

    The torch preset seems to be Bright 20 ft falloff 25, Dim 40 ft falloff 50.

    Based on this, I'm assuming that if you set an effect that doesn't specify the dim light radius (example: LIGHT: 60 FFFFFFFF), it'll just be double whatever the number you did specify was (so it would be the same as if you'd done "LIGHT: 60/120 FFFFFFFF"). Is that correct?

    Also, is there any way to specify in effects what the falloff is, or whether or not to cast shadows?
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    * If no dim value specified, then dim = double bright distance.
    * There is no mechanism to specify falloff in the effects; use the light presets in the Options window if you want different fall-offs.
    * Specifying shadow casting is not supported via the API.


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