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    PF2...Looking for Long Term players for new group.

    ****GAME IS FULL****

    RULESET: Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    WHEN: Late afternoon or early evening Friday Pacific Time. This will end up being determined by the group.

    FG LICENSE: Classic or Unity. You will only need the Demo version. This will end up being determined by the group.

    SESSIONS: 3-5 Hours Weekly. We will probably take a week off every 3 or 4 weeks. This will end up being determined by the group.

    EXPERIENCE: We welcome all sorts. We only ask that you have some RPG and FG experience.

    COMBAT/RP MIX: Not gonna lie - Most of the time it's around 75/25

    So...we are looking to add 2 or 3 MATURE, LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS to our group. We are easy going and like to have fun. At this point, we will only be running APs or 3rd Party Adventures pretty much by the book. These will end up being determined by the group.

    Now...for the harsh, ugly realities of life.

    My 40+ year old friends and I are looking for a vaguely specific type of player. Call us old, ancient, boomers or whatever you like but we have noticed over the last few years that newer-ish players lately have very different goals than they did 30 or 20 or even 10 years ago. Believe me, there is no judgement here. Play it however you like. We just ask that you do it elsewhere.

    Please review the examples below and be honest. If any of these apply to you, don't hate me because I'm beautiful. We don't hate you. Just hit the dislike button lol, leave a nasty comment, and forget that you ever read this.

    If you expect the party to parlay with the Giant Ooze to better understand it's motivations before attacking....

    If you are a serious mega power gamer....

    If you get upset when every little thing doesn't go your way...

    If you get seriously emotionally attached to your PC like this is some sort of out of body post modern virtual reality therapy session....

    If you are a serious rules Nazi and think it's OK to stop the game for 30 minutes to argue about the GM's ruling....

    If you like to read the adventure before you play it....seriously stop doing this with anyone. It's pathetic and everyone can tell you're doing it....

    If you can't take a joke....

    If you are constantly frustrated that the GM is not tailoring the entire game to your highly unique, complex, long winded background/back story....

    If you feel like it's your job to instruct the Rogue to come over and listen to every door you're standing by because he "has the best Perception"...

    If you consistently bail on games and/or ghost the group....

    If Critical Role (or something similar) has initially formed your expectations of what a RPG "should be"....

    So...CONGRATULATIONS if you've made it this far and have not had a massive meltdown.

    If you've come this far AND none of the above apply to you AND you're still interested....message me.

    Seriously, we are good people who have had bad luck finding like minded people.
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    Fellow old fart here, early 40s.

    Looking for a table very similar to what you are offering.

    New to FG, usually play on the other. Despite my advancing years I learn quickly.

    Not new to RPGs. Played through the Satan Panic and managed to not conjure a demon. Took a break from them for many years then discovered online TTRPG. Been at the online game thing four or five years.

    I have played old D&D, Pathfinder 1 and 2, Starfinder, Savage Worlds, FATE, GURPS and others I know I'm forgetting.

    That's enough typing for now, arthritis kicking in. Looking forward to hearing from an angry hippie.
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    52 yo old grognard, have been playing since about 1980.

    Have played some FG and am currently in a great game now, interested in joining a second if schedule/chemistry aligns.

    No problem sharing the spotlight, it’s a collaboration.

    No drama.

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    Hey Group! Have experience with RPG, but not so much FG. I live in Cali so the PST works for me, and welcome the number of hours of game play. Full disclosure, literally signed up for FG two days ago. Probably throwing that out there... may not be in my best interest. Personally, the story line aspect is my enjoyment. If someone in the group casts silence on another member cause they can't shut up, then I think that's funny as hell. My FG membership is the standard license. Quick snip-it about me... started playing under AD&D, and stopped for several years. Did the DM thing for a little while... so I get how other people's different personalities can be hard to incorporate into your campaign. Stated playing D&D 5e about 2yrs ago, really only about a yr... with COVID the group disbanded. Don't know how important age really is here...but I'm 45. Well, that's all I got. Good luck finding that missing link... or two.

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    Late 30s gamer here. I've been playing D&D since I was taught 2nd edition when I was 15. I currently play PF and PF2e sometimes D&D5e. I enjoy role playing and really getting into the mind of my character, but I do not get upset if they die. It happens. Bad rolls, bad decisions, just bad luck sometimes? I have a standard license. I've had FG since before it hit steam, but I haven't really used it much in the past couple of years. I am partial to casters. I like being the esoteric scholarly type. Though I can also play a good rogue, however I tend to play rogues as thieves and cads, so slight of hand on the occasional bit of coin or gems can happen. I do sometimes DM, but I generally don't enjoy it.

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    I know the game is full, but I'm a 30 year old gamer looking for your table. Let me know if it opens up, I have six years experience playing games and 3.5/1e/2e/Gurps are my systems. My thing is I like to play as dwarves as they are the ****.

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    If and when you might get an opening let me know. I have played for over 40 years starting with ChainMail.

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    45 year old player would love to get in your table like the last time i see your full i dont mind being waitlisted ..although i gotta make a confession i do tend to get attached to my Characters its wierd the diff between me and some of these kids today i know its wierd so if i die i tend to pout for about a minute then i get over myself unless the death is epicly cool or hilariously stupid then i just have fun with it

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    Also fellow old fart more to the tune of grumpy old man I have lots of exp in rpg on multiple systems have the 2nd Ed of pathfinder but not too versed in this game system would love to join Friday’s work well I’m off not working and live in eastern Washington state let me know also first time fg but will pick it up fast.

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    I'm in CST, so just trying to get a time you play. I believe your ahead of me a couple hours.

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