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    [Paid] LFP: Starfinder - Fly Free Or Die! Adventure Path

    From Paizo: A crew of scoundrels, rogues, and misfits finds it hard to survive in a galaxy where everyone has a price. Targeted by a crime boss and his army of enforcers, preyed upon by faceless mega-corporations, and hounded by rivals, the crew of the Free Trader*Oliphaunt*line up the big score that will at last make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. But when their many enemies join forces and the crew loses it all, they find out there's two things in the galaxy that can't be bought: freedom... and revenge.

    What It Is:A bi-weekly game of Starfinder taking you through the newest AP "Fly Free or Die". Games will be 3hrs in length running from 7pm-10pm PST on Fridays.

    I have plenty of experience with Starfinder as both a DM and player. Though I'm still a neophyte with Fantasy Grounds I'm learning quickly.

    As this AP is relatively new, all official Paizo SF material is allowed for character Creation. This includes any playable race from AA1-AA4. I'm more than willing to help new players and veterans with character creation.

    NOTE: The game itself will be played using Discord for Voice and Fantasy Grounds for gameplay. The library and resources on FG are completely up to date and much better suited for SF. You will only need a free membership for FG and FG Unity.

    Cost: Cost for the game is $10 a session, 2 sessions a month if paid for by the session. If prebooked/paid for in advance it is only $15 for both sessions. This is to discourage last minute drop outs. However, your first session is free so you can decide if this is something you want to be part of.
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    Hey, welcome to the forums. This game sounds interesting. While you have a time of day, there is no day of the week mentioned in the listing.

    Hope you find a crew to run this for and that you have plenty of fun with this hobby and FG. Take care.
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    Thanks for the info! Updated to include day of the week.

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