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    I'm not sure if I'm following what you're saying completely. You mention something about two separate code bases.

    Are you running two different versions, and trying to connect them together?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracul JOSHI View Post
    It's not that. Aside from the fact that it would block the knock if it was that, I also have checked several times. It looks like it's some difference in the networking codebase of the two compilations. Of course I can't debug this without access to both sourcecodes, but that's not happening and it's unlikely that an update will fix this until tuesday if the responses in this forum is any indication.

    I still appreciate the attempt though.... it just sucks to lose a good DnD group to the switch to a program that just refuses to work the way the DM insists it to.

    P.S.: It would have helped if you could at least run two installations of this thing side by side with settings for each.

    As a software designer, I think something went very wrong on the low level design of the software, trying to get as many top level features running as quickly as possible.
    If everyone else is connecting but not you, then it's mostly likely something on your side. Have you asked the DM to provide his FGU logs so you can upload them too as Moon Wizard asked at the top of this thread? Without both logs (yours and the DMs at the time you cant connect) its hard to track down the issue.

    EDIT: if this is 4.1 TEST this thread should be moved to the correct section on the forum.
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    Alright! We managed to resolve the issue last minute!

    The solution: Using a server-side VPN. Apparently it was an ISP-located block. Using Windscribe right now because it's free. Though a friendly warning, you may need to switch off the TCP socket cancelling that's build-in. just hit settings, go to connections and switch the "Kill TCP sockets after connection" switch off.

    Bonus: I can use about 6-8GB of Geolocked Netflix content a month.

    P.S.: I appreciate the attempt at helping me, but your recurring "check the antivirus setting" after it was clear that the knock was passing were not very helpfull.

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    I did in the 5th post on the first page. That's how I knew the Knock got through but the socket got blocked. (I pointed out the relevant section in the code section)
    I just didn't know how to get around that by myself, so I was happy a friend recommended using a VPN for it.

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