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    1 out of 5 players couldn't connect on the Test channel

    The 1 player was stuck resolving connection. Everyone else connected with no issues.
    Tried switching to direct IP...no change.

    I didn't get any network logs or anything. Eventually we shifted back to LIVE channel and everyone was able to connect again. Likely not much to go on but something has changed network wise in the test version.

    I was really looking forward to trying out test too
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    I was actually unable to join a Live game during FG Con. I re-started my anti-virus and then had no problems. You might try the same, or even rebooting the computer. Also make sure all players are actually launching Test, I don't think you can connect if you are on a different channel.

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    They rebooted once in all the attempts made. They also tried connecting to my test with them set to live and it actually tries to connect and returns a version mismatch error.

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    The networking code is exactly the same between the Live and the Test version. The only difference is the data formats for the network communication changed.

    If Live worked before but Test doesn't seem to work, it might be a firewall or security software issue. (since technically the Test version is a different version of the program, and would need to be set up separately in firewall.)


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    That sounds like a good direction to check into. Thanks, I'll let you know if that's what it is.

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    This is like when you are streaming a game and one viewer says the audio is off or the video is lagging so you restart and then all the other viewers say its fine and it was just the viewer who forgot he muted his PC or had a bad internet connection. 1 out of 5 then the 1 is probably doing something wrong

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    OK was finally able to get free enough to try this again and get the person with the issue back online for a 1-on-1 attempt. In the end the following was turned off/checked:

    -Windows firewall: OFF
    -Client address set to: DMZ
    -Client router firewall: OFF
    -Comcast advanced security: N/A client has their own modem.

    Yeah, those are scary things to turn off but wanted you to know that we checked under every rock. As stated above, the person can connect to LIVE channel with no issues. I am sending the Host & Client logs to support with a reference to this link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DM_BK View Post
    -Windows firewall: OFF
    -Client address set to: DMZ
    -Client router firewall: OFF
    -Comcast advanced security: N/A client has their own modem.
    - Are any other AV/Firewall products installed on your players' computer?
    - Did you double & triple check he/she is on the TEST channel (2021-05-04 atm)?
    - A DMZ is normally an isolated zone in the network. Default a PC should be in LAN, DMZ if you expose your client/host to the internet (e.g. a webserver).
    - Few raw modems have extra security options because they simply establish a DSL connection, still worth a try if you have access to it.
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    No AV/firewall product. I doubled checked the version in the launcher, with the player, and they read me off the proper response that including the word TEST in the version. Likely could confirm this with the logs too but I don't have them in front of me at the moment.

    DMZ is a bad idea but it was worth testing, so we did. (pretty much everything we did was a bad idea to turn off)
    We did not look at the modem itself....fairly certain its a standard cable modem, a number of years old now. I wouldn't expect anything there to allow for LIVE channel but not TEST channel.
    Also did a reinstall of FGU twice.

    Thanks for the tips...I wish it was something easy...

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    have the person that cant connect try and connect via their mobile phone hotspot or via a VPN service as a test.

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