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    This is only a single CPU core maxing out and Windows may keep moving the load around. If you don't see a change then you likely are already close to maxing out to begin with and once you move a token it overloads.

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    Try moving NPC’s via cursor keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllivasKram View Post
    Try moving NPC’s via cursor keys.
    I did, it's the same effect.

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    Hold shift while moving NPCs, this forgoes the LOS/Light calculations during movement.

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    Let's please keep the speculation, suggestions, and work arounds out of this thread. This is for reporting the bug, and for the devs to request additional information from us if needed. While I appreciate your efforts to help, that's not what this forum is for.

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    No problem. Keep in mind, though, that "The Laboratory" also is "A place to discuss...".

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    I've downloaded the campaign; and taking a look at it now. However, I can't figure out which map image record you are using from your picture. It doesn't map to any of the CoS module maps.


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    I sent e-mail. I think it's a custom module I need.


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    Sent the module for testing. Thanks.

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    Thanks for your patience and detail on this one. I've recreated the issue locally; and packaged up all my notes and your notes for Carl to review.


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