Licenses: Unity Ultimate w/all AD&D and D&D rulebooks, Classic Demo
System: Will consider anything, but primarily AD&D 2E, D&D 3.5E, D&D 5E, or any Star Wars ruleset except FFG.
Availability: Mondays, weekly, 7/8pm EST-11pm/12am EST. Would like to start tonight, 4/19.
Voice and Video: Fine with both, slight preference against video. Very clear, professional mic with no background noise.
Experience: 26 years starting from AD&D, with thousands of hours online as player and GM, some for charitable works related to VTT gaming.
Preferences: Long term games which plan to go on for months or even years are great. I love the openness and freedom these can provide players, the ability to create lasting marks on the game world and to become someone more than an adventurer. I enjoy games which embrace role-playing and creative solutions to problems. That said, given I'm looking to start tonight, I can be flexible! I prefer to and will happily occupy whatever niche the party needs filled.
Paying: I am happy to pay for a seat at your game, even if the campaign has already started.
About Me: 36 years old, male, physically disabled, former voice actor, currently doing paid GMing and a great deal of charitable work related to gaming online in VTT and other settings.
Contact: Have a matching Monday game I can get in on starting today? Just DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 and I'll reply ASAP!

I may also be looking on other days at around this playtime! Can't hurt to ask!