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    Need advice on creating a magical item

    I am creating a magical item for the Bard in my campaign. I intend for her to get it after she has gained level 5. I am calling it an Ancient Violin, a rare Wondrous Item that requires attunement. The description for the item is:

    The Ancient Violin was created in the dim, ancient past so that Bards could inspire bravery to their comrades in arms. It has been passed down to through the ages to countless Bards. You must be proficient with stringed instruments to use this instrument.

    When you use the Violin to cast Bardic Inspiration, the creature to whom you give Bardic Inspiration receives 1d6+1 inspiration. At 5th level, the Bardic Inspiration becomes 1d8+2. at 10th level it becomes 1d10+3 and at 15th level it becomes 1d12+4.

    When you use the Ancient Violin to Perform a Song of Rest, you or any friendly creature who can hear your performance regains any hit points during the short rest, that creature regains 1d6+1 extra hit points at the end of the rest. A creature regains the extra hit points only if it spends one or more Hit Dice at the end of the short rest. The extra hit points increase when you reach certain levels in this class: 1d8+2 at 9th level, 1d10+3 at 13th level, and 1d12+4 at 17th level.

    Also, I am debating having it give proficiency to any history checks involving Bards and their music.

    Since I have never created a magical item for my players before, I am not sure how to tell if it is overpowered or not. Does this look like something reasonable?

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    It looks OK. Only playteting can really tell you whether it is unbalanced or not; but it's not giving too much of a bonus.
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