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    d20 Type Spells anyone?

    I am about to work on Spells in my extension. I plan on entering textual info - but was wondering if anyone implemented D&D type spells in MoreCore using rolls or something else and either included in rolls under a spells category or if they added a clilist to spells pages and included the roll there or did something completely different?

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    In Low Fantasy Gaming they are created as Rolls.

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    Thanks Damned - that is how I envisioned it too - was just wondering how presentation (if any) of the textual parts were done.

    I have that extension from long back - forgot how I got it - where do I go to find LFG? I figure there is likely new versions than the one I downloaded which is likely 1-2 years old.

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    Varsuuk, I believe this is the thread you are looking for regarding LFG

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