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    Using World Anvil with Fantasy Grounds

    Evening Folks -

    Anyone using World Anvil in conjunction with their Fantasy Grounds campaigns?

    If so, does anyone have an integration to pull content in to FG from WA?

    Expecting that the answer will be no, what are some best practices that you've developed to keep content versioning under control and ease of use of content in FG during games?

    I love both solutions and consider them best in class for what they do well. Looking to make things easier for me during gameplay and prep.


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    World Anvil exposes a number of API endpoints that can be called by a client.https://www.worldanvil.com/api/aragorn/documentation. If you can script Lua API calls with the appropriate headers (API Key + Auth token, etc.) then you should be able to get the data from your permissioned World Anvil instance. I don't think there are any native FG capabilities to make API calls so this would likely need to be an extension.


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    Early on, Fantasy Grounds College tried to partner with them for this type of thing to be implemented and it never went anywhere, because of the time and maintenance that would need to be required to keep it functional and working. Also, since other platforms are used, they would need to offer it to the other VTT's as well.

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    It's been almost two years, has this been revisited?

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    ive been creating in World Anvil and would be very interested in being able to have it talk with FGU

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    Yeah, Player Agency is probably the way to go. I was just hoping for something that was more platform neutral.
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