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    DDHC-MORD-03 To Wake the Leviathan

    A RACE AGAINST TIME THROUGH THE RAVAGES OF THE BLOOD WAR. Across the infinite layers of the Lower Planes, a band of heroes desperately hunts for the whereabouts of an ancient weapon — one that could very well turn the tide of the eternal Blood War.

    Campaign Type: One Shot
    Campaign Length: 2 session(s), 4 hours each. Sometime in May starting at 6 CST (USA). Negotiable.
    Game Frequency: Within a two week period to complete
    Primary Language: English
    Camera Needed: No
    Audio: Yes (headset recommended) - Google Meets link will be created

    Player Experience Level: T3-T4 Character Mandatory
    GM Experience Level: High
    GM Fantasy Grounds Knowledge: High"ish"
    Roleplaying Level: Encouraged but not necessary
    Combat Level: High
    Puzzle Level: Low
    Mature Content (18+): Must be 18+ to attend this.

    Starting Level: 11-16
    Ending Level: Gain 1 level
    Character Restrictions: N/A
    DISCORD: Discord will be created for this in the near future. Once selected for play you will be given discord link.

    Calendar Link to sign up: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=6008
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    Original game was cancelled due to lack of participation. Pushed to sometime in May, need at least 2 more players.

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    Still looking for players.

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    Imho if you use FGPUG you would fill in the game pretty fast.

    If you do not find players, join FGPUG , they run pretty often AL games, any timezones but mostly USA.
    Neuronblaster GM on warhorn.net

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    What’s FGPUG? And thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueDaPayne View Post
    What’s FGPUG? And thank you

    It is a group of people that use ONLY Fantasy Grounds as VTT and they have they own DISCORD, link here: https://discord.gg/vzmpwxHm

    I am an AL GM there. Just ask one of the administrators, but should be ok. Mandatory is to use FANTASY GROUNDS as VTT and NO PAID GAMES (must be free games)

    They use warhorn.net as support and it works very very well.I am sure you will find GOOD people to play with.

    P.s. also check official FG discord: https://discord.gg/YcRr79ca

    But I would advice you to try to get into FGPUG, as it works well, good community. Especially for D&D 5e and D&D 5e Adventurers League games.
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    Neuronblaster GM on warhorn.net

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    Thanks Neuro,

    This is exactly right. Join the discord and you can see we have games going often that are AL and NON AL (Mostly AL I would say). You can join a game when someone posts they are looking for players. We use Warhorn as our calendar for games and most of the sign ups.

    You should come check us out at FGPUG.

    Having said that, the games fill up pretty fast, so we are always trying to encourage people to run their own games as a DM to allow more games going and people to get into games.

    Hope to see you around.

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