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    What determines what position on the effects list on the combat tracker a new effect will pop? It seems rather random. Even when clicking the plus sign for a new blank effect, the line pops up in different spots even with the same character.

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    No ideas? Just curious as I would like if possible to have new effects added to the bottom of the list as they occur.

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    Hi DodjerArtfell,

    I just looked it up and it is sorting it like CoreRPG. It is using the node name for the sorting. This node name is in the format id-00000 where the 00000 are replaced by the number of the effect ID for that combatant in the combat tracker. This means it will count up separately for each combatant so it will apply the way you said until effects are deleted and there are gaps in the ID numbers. Then it can fill in those number when new effects are added. That is where you are likely seeing it not put them in the order they are applied. There isn't anything that really keeps track of when they are applied. They are just added to the list. Hopefully that helps but please let me know if you have any more questions.


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    Interesting! Thanks Dakadin. I think I can work with that!

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