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    Dice Color Picker not updated in RMC

    I was not really sure where to post this (here or RMC), decided here for more visibility.

    The new Dice Color Picker is not available in the RMC ruleset.

    I am guessing it is related to an older bug in the Dice Color Picker. There is/was a bug in RMC with FGU and the old color picker. I actually experienced it recently when I brought some new players into FG. If they changed the dice colors, it spammeralso changed it for the GM. Easily fixed though by opening the color picker as the GM and closing it again (the player colors stayed fine until the next session, where they had to do the same). Dakadin mentioned it came up during the Beta/Early Release, but that it was somewhat lower priority (understandable since there is an easy workaround ).

    Is it possible to get the new color picker working in RMC, or will the other issue need to be addressed first?

    This is not a huge issue, I just saw everyone talking about the new color interface, and did not see anything until I did a quick look with CoreRPG, and I agree it does look very nice.
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    EDIT: Moved to RMC sub-forum for DLC developer visibility.


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    Hi Hitachi1,

    I will look into getting the appropriate changes in the RMC ruleset so that the new color picker shows up.


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    The new Dice Color Picker will be in the Tuesday release. I tried to get the RM Dice to change color again but didn't have any luck before when I turn in the code for the Tuesday release. In the meantime since it was buggy anyway, I just set the RM Dice to a dark red color that doesn't change with the Dice Color Picker.

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    Dakadin, quick question about this change, what happens to the players current dice color when the update happens?

    Will they keep their existing colors, or will they need to set the color again?
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    Hi Sulimo,

    It won't actually effect the dice colors. It only changes the icons for the RM dice to a dark red on the GM and players' desktops. When they drag the dice, they will still be the player's chosen color. I tried a few things to get the icons colors working but started crashing FG with the changes to I backed them out and just set the icons to a set color. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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    Well done for being a nicer colour picker with the whole gamut to choose from!

    Cheers, as always.

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