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    Reproducible crash: Loading "adventure" modules in new campaigns

    This is confirmed bug although again it is probably rare that this will occur. Will give breakdown of how to replicate and what the issue is. The fix for this when it comes by Smiteworks should have no effect on how modules are produced. I may even come up with a coding solution in the base ruleset to fix the issue.

    Steps to reproduce (using default d20 2.012 ruleset):
    1. Create new campaign. I called mine AdventureX.
    2. Create a story entry. enter a title and some description text.
    3. /export the campaign. I used AdventureX as the mod/file name. Exported the story entries as Host.
    4. Create another new campaign. I called mine Sandbox.
    5. Click the story icon. Note here there are no tabs at all. Leave this window open.
    6. Click the modules, open the AdventureX module.
    7. Note that 1 tab now appears under the Story window. Click the tab if you don't see anything listed.
    8. Click the modules button again. Close the AdventureX module.
    9. Fantasy Grounds should now crash.

    I am 99% sure the reason this is happening is because you are now trying to close what should be the default tab and this cause a database problem. The reason I say this in Step 5 above, if you create a story entry and delete it you now have the default tab now and forever in that campaign as it properly spawns the tab. When you open the module a second tab appears and everything works fine.

    The easy fix for this is when a DB window like Story/Images/NPC/etc. is opened create a category tab. Right now it doesn't do that until the first entry is actually created. This would be pretty trivial to add in the windowclasses of those controls and I am guessing is what Smiteworks would do to fix the issue but could probably be worked around manually in the meantime.

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    Ok, lower that 99% chance down some as far as the reason it's occuring although still might be right.

    I need to do more thorough testing on exactly why its happening but I disabled the windowmanager code that stores info in the campaignregistry.lua and it may have gone away but still testing. Will update thread. The problem still exists but my guess on why *may* be wrong.

    Although checking the DB.xml after the module is loaded it does show:
    <category name="" mergeid="AdvWin" baseicon="0" decalicon="0">

    Instead of the default which is normally mergeid="" after you create a new entry. My theory about why may still be true if FG is expecting the mergeid="" after the module close.

    What throws a kink in that theory though is why does disabling the windowmanager make the problem go away, it should only be storing coordinates of open windows. Maybe on the Close when the module is trying to force the module story window closed its referencing something out of memory? Testing more to make sure I didn't do something wrong when testing that theory.

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    Just to add to the confusion, in the CampaignRegistry.LUA file, I am finding this reference:

    ["encounter"] = {
    ["[email protected]"]
    Even after the module is disabled, and the campaign is saved. If FGII is closed with the module deactivated, the LUA file does not change. I am thinking perhaps this may be part of the problem, because when I delete the file, I cannot replicate the above bug UNTIL the campaign is saved manually or automatically.

    Hopefully that sheds some light on the problem.

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    I have something I haven't been able to test enough to post that is similar and causes FG2 to crash on exit. It's something to do with not having a default tab, importing a module and adding a personality then deactivating the module. There is an entry in the db.xml that appears the be the problem that is similar to both of the above posts.

    As it was in my main campaign I just deleted the entries and that solved the crash but I haven't had time to go back and see if I can recreate it.
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    Correct that is essentially what I am describing, it will happen when there is no default tab and you open and deactivate a module for that.

    Once you create an entry in any of the DB nodes like Story/NPC/Item etc it always has a default tab even if you delete the items through the interface.

    So it seems to me the solution to prevent this from happening is to always make those thing spawn with default tabs when a campaign is first created.

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