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    Player Vision bug with Dynamic Line of Sight

    I was able to replicate a bug with Dynamic Line of Sight on the latest test build.
    Steps to reproduce the bug are as follows.

    - Create a turn order with player characters in it
    - Place tokens onto map

    Bug happens when you:
    - Delete a player token in the turn order or share a map entry with players that own those tokens already placed on the map
    - Players will see an entirely black screen, but will still see their token, and all other players tokens (unless LOS geometry blocks LOS between two PCs)

    Issue is fixed when the map is un-shared with all players and then re-shared with everyone.
    Confirmed that this is due to Dynamic Line of Sight by turning on and off DLOS, which allowed the players to see the map and all the lighting effects when it was disabled, but not while it was enabled.

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    I was unable to recreate this issue with the steps given using the latest build released today.
    If you are still seeing the issue, please provide any new steps to recreate.


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    Do you use lighting in this scenario? And do you see a black map, too, when you toggle Player View?
    If so, is the map still black, when you click or move a player token as GM?

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    I was just running my game, and one of my players was able to view but the rest were unable - any ideas what could be causing that? The rest just saw their tokens floating in black abyss and I couldn't see their views as the GM either when selecting the tokens

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    It's probably because that character has Darkvision, while the others do not. By default, lighting is on for maps, which means that you have to add light effects to the players from the Effects windows to simulate any lights they are carrying.

    Also, when submitting reports, please open a new thread; since we release new versions fairly often and this was in regards to an older version 6 months ago.


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