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    PaizoCon SFS games

    PaizoCon signups are handled exclusively through warhorn and will start April 1st.

    SFS 3-14: Fleeting Truth: Hollow Lies Fri May 28, 8pm-1am UTC

    Character levels 9-12

    The hunt continues for a series of data fragments that contain one of the Starfinder Society’s greatest secrets! This time, the Society’s guiding intelligence, Guidance, sends a group of the Society’s most senior agents to the undead-occupied world of Eox to retrieve another fragment. Seeking permission to explore a monitored site on the world, the PCs must first assist Eox’s senior bone sages by completing an important mission: destroying a treacherous necrovite who has allied with the sinister Corpse Fleet.

    SFS 3-22: The Vast Experiment: Dancing at the Edge Sat May 29, 2-7 pm UTC

    Character levels 7-10

    In the exciting conclusion of the Vast Experiment series, the PCs travel to a Pact Worlds-sponsored colony in the Vast to investigate the source of a series of deactivated Drift Beacons. What they discover in this corner of remote space threatens to change the status quo within the Pact Worlds and rock the very foundations of the Society.

    SFS 3-19: Rat's Repentance Sun May 30, 2-7 pm UTC

    Character levels 1-4

    In a strange turn of events, the Society finds itself working with a former enemy, the ysoki mastermind Datch. From her holding cell within Society headquarters, Datch sends a group of agents on a series of missions throughout Near Space to recover the data that can prevent her final scheme from disrupting a major Pact Worlds corporation.

    SFS 3-21: Frozen Ambitions: Renewal's Blight Sun May 30, 8pm-1am UTC

    Character levels 3-6.

    As the Starfinder Society investigates mercenary laboratories producing an unstable combat-enhancing drug, the latest lead takes an experienced team to the arboreal ghoran homeworld, Ghorus Prime. The Starfinder agents must discover who is funding these dangerous experiments while investigating a growing blight on the forested planet—and determine if these events are connected. This scenario is the conclusion of the Frozen Ambitions series, but these scenarios can be played in any order.

    I put Fantasy Grounds Classic down as the VTT but could switch to Unity if there is overwhelming interest.

    "Hello PaizoCon 2021 attendees!
    As player sign-ups open this coming week, the organizing committee would like to pass on a few details that will hopefully make the process for getting access to the events you are interested in an easy one. The timeline below is what we are looking at for this week:

    3pm PDT (GMT -07) March 31st to 3pm PDT (GMT -07) April 1st: Early bird sign-ups for GMs and Warhorn VIPs.
    - GMs will be able to sign up in advance for a number of games equal to the number of blocks they are GMing. Warhorn VIPs will have unlimited signups. Neither group will be able to sign-up for special events (e.g. author tables); these will be notated on the specific tables.

    6pm PDT (GMT -07) April 1st: Sign-ups open to the general public.
    - At this time, GMs will no longer be limited to the number of tables they are GMing and all special event tables will open.

    Do not be alarmed if your registration currently says it is not cleared. At the moment nobody has been cleared to sign up for player seats. If your balance on Warhorn shows as $0 owed, you will be automatically cleared to sign up for games at the appropriate time. If you still show a balance on your account, that will need to be resolved before we can clear you. For financial issues, please email [email protected].

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the PaizoCon committee either on Discord or via email ([email protected]) - we are here to help everyone have the best gaming experience possible!"
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    I am running 3 Starfinder Society games as Paizocon 2021. They are as follows:

    Friday May 28
    SFS 3-10: Live Adventure Extreme!

    Character levels 5-8
    The Starfinder Society has contracts with numerous organizations, but none are perhaps as well known as the Society's ongoing association with undead media mogul known as Zo!. It's that time when the Society must fulfill its end of the contract, this time by dispatching a team of skilled agents to perform impressive combat feats for a new spin-off show: Live Adventure Extreme!

    Sunday May 29
    SFS 3-18: Secrets in Stillness

    Character levels 3-6
    After the tragic loss of one of his proteges, Radaszam the Dealmaker calls in a favor from some of his most trustworthy contacts. The Starfinders travel to Idari, the kasathan worldship, to investigate the mysterious death. There, the Starfinders follow a bloody trail left by a clever killer and, if they aren’t careful, risk becoming this enigmatic predator’s next prey.

    Monday May 30
    SFS 3-02: The Subterranean Safari

    Character levels 3-6
    Seeking to ingratiate themselves with the Veskarium, the Starfinder Society sends a team of agents along with an influential vesk Brigadier on a hunt into the subterranean caverns of Vesk-3. As the Veskarium officer seeks to discover "the big one" of the planet's dangerous stridermander population, the PCs must protect their charge while also uncovering hidden truths about a skittermander group that dwelt in the same caves they now search.

    all sessions will use Fantasy Grounds Unity. Signups are through Paizocon 2021 on Warhorn.net

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