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    Flat number damage bonus

    Hi everyone,

    I might be overlooking it, but is there a built-in option to just add n hitpoints to the damage of a weapon? (just add n hitpoints when applying damage, like the hits multiplier)
    Most likely use-case might be weapon-katas for martial artists, that provide a +n to the MA standard result, when a certain weapon is used. Also, it could be a nice variation of an item bonus.
    If it is not in yet, how much trouble would it be to add something like this? And where would I start?


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    Hi strubbel,

    There isn't anything in the attacks to do anything like that. The easiest way to accomplish it right now would be to type the extra damage into a number field and then drag it to the hotkey bar at the bottom. Then when the character hits with the weapon kata, just drag that number to the token or combat tracker entry and it will apply the extra damage. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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