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    Out of curiosity I tried to simply replace FGU's lua5.1.dll with a compiled LuaJIT dll. This is said to work with Civilization, so it they could have been compatible with each other. Unfortunately FGU then claims to not being able to find said dll, so no dice.

    No idea if some kind of version check is involved or if FGU's Lua dll is differently structured?! But it was worth a try.
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    I tested campaign load times (modules + extensions) between an Intel 9900K and an AMD 5900X, they are virtually the same. Similar results for load times in WoW (many Lua addons).

    Checking Lua benchmarks on the web also seems to suggest that Lua does not benefit much from CPU instructions-per-clock improvements, but only from higher clock-rates. So throwing more money and new CPUs at the problem does not help anymore. Lua 5.1 LuaJIT (just in time compiler) might be the best (if not only) way of improving Lua performance then, so I would like to know if this is a possibility that is being looked at?
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