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    Light Layers remain after deleting light

    When adding a light there is a new layer created. When deleting the light the layer remains. Is there a reason not to also delete the layer?

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    In my experience, it adds new layers if you don't currently have a layer selected. I imagine it leaves the layer when you delete a light because FGU doesn't know for sure that the layer is empty. I have a bad habit of forgetting to select my 'lighting' layer when adding new lights and end up like you have, but you can put your image, walls, and lights all into the same layer if you wanted. just make sure you select the layer first!

    If you have a bunch of empty layers, I believe that there is a trash can icon in the layers list to delete the currently selected layer (just be careful to not delete your actual map image layer like I did the other night)

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    I did not know that. :-)

    Thanks for the tip! I will try to remember that. I will probably have the same success remembering that as I do remembering to select the same map layer for occluders...

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    Random thought: could there be toggles added to dial what can go on a specific layer? Like: by default it's open season. But if you choose you could deactivate lighting, or deactivate occluders, such that you'd spot the mistake more easily? If you disabled lighting on all but one layer, then when you tried to add one and it didn't work it would be the reminder "oh right...need to select the right layer first". A more cut-and-dried version would specifying the type of layer when you create it - but that would prevent someone with a simple map adding everything to a single layer to build quick map - so probably not as universally useful.

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