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    That sounds like a cool campaign. Our last game on FG was the Mad Mage dungeon by WotC. It was a lot of combat. One of the things that seems good about 13th Age combat in FG is that somebody else adds up all the dice!
    I'm in planning stages for my 13th Age game now. We are planning to use the Engine of the Ages rules (from the Book of Ages) to figure out the prior history, so we are probably a couple weeks out from starting play. My group does like combat, so there will probably be a good bit of it, but we are also planning on only spending 1-2 sessions per level, so it will be quick, nonetheless.

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    Oh very cool; Book of Ages is a PDF I own

    I haven't gotten to spend much time with it yet though. The Midgard Bestiary for 13A provides 13 setting specific Icons, 9 new races in addition to the 100 or so new beasts, so that's been eating up most of my P'n'P reading time. I did do a brief browsing of the Engine of the Ages chapter and it definitely perked my interest. The Midgard setting is mostly locations (geographic regions, significant realms and larger cities & town), with minimal to no metaplot, so Engine of the Ages could work. There are some well defined cults in the settings background though and it looked to me that EotA requires some randomness around factions, so I'm not sure how that would impact it's suitability. The biggest challenge with running Midgard with 13A is making Icons that are based on deities. It's a challenge because there's many Goddesses/Gods, which are aligned within regional pantheons and generally involved in the affairs of mortals more than in most fantasy settings; involved to the point that some are indistinguishable from powerful rulers. Ash Law did a terrific job coming up with icons that suit the setting well, but only a few of the 13 are deities. Which poses a bit of a challenge for me, as my players have become familiarized with the the so-to-say mortal footprint of a few of the other Goddesses/Gods.

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to add a handful of Icons for those. I'm wondering though, if EotA might allow that to become a collaborative process with my players that have already campaigned in the setting?

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