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    BUG: memory leak on /reload

    There is a bug in FGII when the /reload or /reload all is used. It will not clean the old data I think. I have open the task manager of windows and each time I do a /reload the memory usage go up without going down after it finished loading.

    When I quit FGII it release all memory. When I work on a ruleset I have to get out after some test because the memory become so full that it will swap all the time.


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    Thanks for the report, we'll investigate the issue. The /reload and /reload all commands are still officially in experimentation, but their existence was given out because we believed that even though they might not be completely bug free, they would still benefit ruleset development. And although I felt that I should give this explanation, the feedback is very much appreciated - helps us to make the feature better.

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    Thanks Ged. Just to confirm that they are indeed VERY helpful features when working on a custom ruleset.
    Have also noticed the memory issue. Usually get at least ten or more reloads in before it starts to become a problem. Then I just close and restart FG.
    Could be a red herring but: only noticed it after I started adding custom menu items to the radial menu. Might be related, but can't say for sure...
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