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    Module Export

    Hey guys...just me again with another stupid question to which I'm sure I know the answer too, just can't find it...

    How does one create tabs on exported modules? Basically I have a campaign with several tabs for various locations and stuff, then I want to export this as a module for use in the core campaign, but when I activate the module, everything shows up on one sheet.

    For the life of me I can't figure it out using the /export command what I'm doin wrong. I'm up to date with v 2.0.12 of FGII

    Thanks gang!
    Vincent Kingston
    [email protected]

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    It works fine for me I just double checked it with the default d20 ruleset.

    First, I assume you are checking all catagories when you export in the middle section of the window. Are you leaving both the Index Group and Merge ID blank?

    There was an earlier bug fixed several versions ago similar to what you are describing. If you are using a custom runset you might want to review the lua files that changed since 2.0.11.

    Here's the Module I just made. Does it work for you?
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