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    4.1 Lighting darkvision bug

    Moving this here from another thread.

    I have noticed that (using the 5e ruleset, I haven't tested this in coreRPG) PCs with darkvision (be it through effects or otherwise) seem to have issues with light sources, where the light source overrides the darkvision even if the light source is weaker overall.

    This can be seen in the image below:

    FG lighting issue.PNG

    The PC has darkvision for 60 ft, and is near a dim torch that barely lights things up beyond normal darkness. What should happen here is that the light should provide what minimal color it would naturally give, while still retaining the overall brightness provided by the darkvision (in this case, it should look almost like the rest of the player's vision as there's barely any light to give color). Instead, the lightsource seems to act as some kind of darkness source which actively neutralizes their darkvision.

    Ambient lighting of similar brightness seems to have the same effect.

    This was tested on a clean, newly updated version of FGU test build 4.1, on a fresh, blank campaign without extensions.

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    This will be fixed in the next build. The light source is supposed to override the darkvision, but also increase the light intensity by 50% (dim to bright). @cpinder just provided me the code for that feature yesterday (among other things he is working on). As soon as the build is in a good state again, I'll be releasing a build with that change. (as well as increase in fog of war visibility)


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    I understand that in 5E Darkvision turns dim light to bright light with full color (like low-light vision) instead of monochrome and that is what FGU will implement then?
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    In the next build, it will. However, the next build was delayed, so it will be a little while.


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    Will extensions/rulesets be able to tweak lighting behavior? Pathfinder 2's Darkvision works different from 5E, for example, as may other systems.

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    To some degree, vision/lighting presets can be tweaked; but only for the parameters allowed in the ruleset API interface.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    (as well as increase in fog of war visibility)

    Will increasing the fog of war visibility lose the dim light edge? With the fog of war visibility darker, there is a clear differentiation (which I think is a good thing).

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    It's a trade-off. We can either get contrast or multiple pieces of data; but there is only so much transparency one can create levels out of that are differentiating to the human eye.
    In the updated build that I tested, it appeared to have enough contrast to differentiate; but I'm sure this sort of thing will go around and around a bit.


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    The GM view seemed to work quite well in the first betas, only the player view was indiscernible. And once LoS stops darkening the map as a whole it should work even better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    To some degree, vision/lighting presets can be tweaked; but only for the parameters allowed in the ruleset API interface.

    I would hope you can build the API flexible enough to configure that 100%.
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