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    Maps with elements that rotate

    I apologize if this has already come up. I've done a few searches, but, was not able to find anything that matched. Anyway, is something like this even possible in FGC or FGU?

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    It could be done in Unity if you put each section of the map in a different layer and then rotate the element on that layer.
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    I did a simple version of this in a recent game... It was a sewer run, chasing after the baddie, who was ahead of the players. They are following the running footsteps, round a corner, run down a sloping tunnel and... run into a solid wall, with water initially a few inches deep. There's a slight current towards the wall and they can hear a muted sound of pouring water. While they poke around for levers or such, the water keeps rising, up to their knees, then their waists, then their chests, and just as they're thinking they better swim back up the tunnel, there's a loud creaking as the tunnel suddenly rotates from a 10 degree downlope to 60 degrees down, with the end rotating down to a lower level in the sewer and spilling everyone out into a new tunnel with a rush of water. Once emptied, the lever-like tunnel swings back up on a counterweight, leaving the players trapped now on the opposite side of the wall... The sound of running footsteps continues, echoing off down the tunnel...

    In the map, I had a tunnel section running North-South ending to the South at a dead end with a line-of-sight wall. On another layer, with visibility off, I had a similar tunnel section running N-S with a wall at the North end. When the players came down the tunnel, they couldn't see past the dead end, until I flipped the visibility settings for the two layers... and now they could see the rest of the sewer to the South, but the North was now blocked by a wall.
    It would be nice to be able to do it with one click rather than two, but it worked well enough.

    For the labyrinth, you could do the same, with each rotating section rotated 90 degrees on a different layer (so four layers for four 90 degree rotations), and just enabling a new one and disabling the previous one as they rotate.

    FG Devs, if you could add visibility "scenes", that would be great - be able to make multiple "scenes" on a map with different layers visible or not visible, and triggered by a single button or macro.

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