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    NOTE: Darkness lights will be classified as an experimental feature for the first release. This is so we can prioritize getting the main lighting features nailed down and released.


    • Adjusted quality of LoS/FoW to improve performance.
    • Special visions which ignore darkness did not work within darkness lights. Fixed.
    • Infinite special visions did not show visible tokens as expected. Fixed.
    • Lighting areas not updating correctly on token selection change. Fixed.
    • Area through darkness lights was being added to fog of war. Fixed.
    • Special visions without ignore darkness flag could see tokens within darkness lights. Fixed.

    EDIT: Fixed wrong patch notes.
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    • Image layer visibility cycling order changed to: Visible -> Invisible -> GM Only
    • Disabled undo for token actions; since it would clear token links to combat tracker and other issues.
    • Light colors not working. Fixed.
    • Tokens incorrectly considered as a selected layer when adding lights. Fixed.
    • Changing token visibility not correctly updating perceived visibility for other map tokens. Fixed.
    • Always invisible tokens not grayed out on GM map when no tokens selected. Fixed.
    • Token line-of-sight not working when LoS toggle on, but lighting toggle off. Fixed.
    • [DEV] imagecontrol.snapToGrid API was returning incorrect Y value. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Adjusted load order to prevent windows from being added to child window list of windowlist objects until control initialization of child window complete. (similar to FGC)

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    • Image undo disabled completely for now. Results were inconsistent and caused data loss to content creators, so we will revisit in a later version.
    • Ambient light not always displaying for tokens. Fixed.
    • Ambient light not adding to fog-of-war. Fixed.

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    • Player client token movement not working correctly. Fixed.

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    • Line of sight artifacts in token bright light areas. Fixed.

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    • Fog of war not drawn when token inside darkness light. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Token onMove script events added when token moved by remote client. (Similar to FGC behavior.)

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