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    Temporary Hitpoints With A Duration

    I took a look around and I couldln't find any other posts that cover this topic, so I apologise if I missed one.

    I have a player playing a sorcerer with a Bard Dedication, and he's chosen the Hymn of Healing composititon cantrip. He casts the spell at level 3 currently, which means that the target gains fast healing 6, and every time he sustains the spell he grants the target six temporary hitpoints which last only one round. The fast healing is easy enough to figure out, but I'm having a hard time automating the temp hitpoints so that they expire after one round. Is there a way to do this that I've been missing, or do I just need to manually remove the temp hitpoints after he stops sustaining the spell?

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    There's no duration for temporary hit points. You'll need to handle it manually.
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