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    [LFG][Paid] Seeking Long Term/Ongoing Weekly Campaign, AD&D 2E or 5E, Reliable Player

    License: Unity Ultimate, Classic Demo
    Time Zone: EST (physically disabled under law and unable to work, so I do keep odd hours)
    Availability: 7PM-8PM until 11PM-Midnight, Mon/Tues/Wed/possibly Friday - can start same day as advertisements!
    Communication: I have a clear microphone and quiet background, prefer Discord and use push to talk.
    Game System: I'm experienced with many systems and will hear all offers, but I'm primarily looking for AD&D 2E or 5E.
    Experience: 26 years of experience with tabletop gaming, starting back with AD&D 2E. I've been through every edition, setting aside other systems. I have been on the player and GM sides of the fence, and do a bit of professional GMing, myself. Very sympathetic to the amount of work that goes into running a game.
    FG Experience: I play in one weekly game. Unfortunately, I've had trouble finding another. I'm very familiar with the software itself.

    Seeking: A long term/ongoing AD&D 2E or 5E game, preferably open world and with a generous range of character generation options. I like to role-play and tell a story, and appreciate GMs who welcome and reward creativity. Otherwise, I'm easy to have at the table and simply want my niche in your group as we travel the long road. I'm fine with joining campaigns in progress which may need a replacement or welcome an addition.

    Interested? Please do feel free to PM, or more preferably, to DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 - you may have to friend request first.

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    Bump! Still looking, can start as soon as tomorrow! Just send me a PM, or DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 ! Looking forward to telling many a tale in your games!

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    Still seeking, especially for tonight (3/10), available as a weekly player on Wednesday evenings starting tonight. Reach me quickly and I can have a character made in time!

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