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    Sure! Good old magic missile...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rose Claymore View Post
    Looked over the new and improved Elsir. Like what I see. Though no default for the spellbook spell from Arcane Evolution. May I request the spell "learned" be magic missile, please? I'm liking the idea of having the additional signature spell be one that doesn't require an attack roll.
    As that's a choice you make with daily preparations, there's no need for the pregen to include a default choice. (Although they do include a default for prepared spells in the case of prepared spellcasters, such as the cleric.)

    As for pregen choices, I'm good with any of the remaining ones. I think I'll probably go with the cleric.
    Btw, Stephan, do you already have the pregens prepared? I could probably build them if you'd like.
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    I bought the module for this one and am currently updating the pregens (errata, spells). [Make sure to double-check with the pdfs though!]

    That being said, if you want to build your own character, less work for me! (Let me know if I should send you the xml of the existing characters as they make it a bit easier, especially with Ancestry not yet out on FG.)

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    FG Pregens are now updated (though it can't hurt to double-check things).

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    Bruce and I will take any remaining pregens...

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    LOL. I completely forgot about DST and now seem to have an extra hour to kill.
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    Yeah, this month timezones are tricky... US/Canada mostly switched over today, Europe will follow at the end of March, Oceania only in early April. So it's likely to get even more confusing...

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    The server is up.

    A reminder that we'll use Fantasy Grounds CLASSIC and the OPO Discord (channel TBD).

    Let me know if you need me, otherwise I'll join the Discord channel in 30-45 minutes.

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    I am in table 23 voice.

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    Chronicles sent and reported to Paizo for that nice AcP...

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