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    Yeah I get it and was testing it myself and talking to a few of them. I think they will come to terms with it eventually. I think the main problem is how the dice show, its disappointing to players when you have a skill 40 and you see the dice roll of 40 + 10 and think its going to be 40 and its really 50. So you went from thinking you succeeded to failing the roll. A player said "I feel like I'm switching from inches to metric".
    That is exactly what happens when you roll dice - you see the number you want and then it keeps rolling and lands on a number you don't want.

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    My players had the same problem with the d10, it's coded 1-10 and not 0-9 unlike the physical dice from the starter set that does have a 0-9 d10, it you want to check, go to page 19 of the main rulebook where it tells you how to read the dice, and it's not the way it's coded on here, please change it to match the actual rules

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    1-10 or 0-9 same thing.

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    The way the FGC does it is actually the most consistently accurate way of displaying 1-100 on 2 dice.
    The more commonly used method today of having 00 be 0 when the other dice is 1-9 but be 100 when the other dice is 0 is not consistent and would be much harder to explain to someone who didnt have this knowledge already.
    All other dice start their numbering at 1.
    Only percentile dice use a dice that starts at 0.
    Using the 10s dice starting at 0 rather than the units is far more logically consistent.

    FGC only supports the dice method used in the CoC ruleset.
    I dont think it is likely that the dice will be recoded in this ruleset to display differently between FGC and FGU.

    As to the rulebook - it uses the word usually when describing the percentile dice. Earlier versions of the rulebook even talk about various methods of getting different dice ranges when you dont have dice for those.

    Ultimately the rulebook describes percentile dice as dice that deliver a result between 1 and 100 and that is what these dice do.

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