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    Unisystem Character Sheet

    Apologies it took me so long to do this. Life, and I had to cut out our Nightbane homebrew.

    See attached Character Sheet for Unisystem in MoreCore. Comment welcome if I've missed anything.

    This will work in both Cinematic and Classic. If anyone has any questions about how we run the sheet or it needs further remarks, just hit me up.

    Cheers and thanks a bunch damned, this uses several of your custom rolls!

    I make no claims to originality for any of this, it is just an amalgam of components we put together for our homebrew. Thanks to anyone who contributed.

    We have used this with Conspiracy X, AFMBE, Witchcraft and other Unisystem games. Enjoy.

    **I've moved the file to its proper place here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post597484
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    Awesome stuff - many thanks IAmTheSky!

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    *I'll repost this in the character sheet thread and update as I smooth out the extension.

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