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    Feature Request: Allow us to add notes to other Characters Portaits

    I'd really like the ability to click on another player's portrait and be given the opportunity to open a text window where I can jot down my character's thoughts on that other character.

    So a little background, I play in a campaign with 8 other players that meets every 2 or 4 weeks. We have been playing for almost a year and I have a ton of notes in my Log tab.

    I do have some notes on the other characters, but they are within my labyrinthine Log tab somewhere.
    I'd really like to just have a text window specifically for each other PC.
    It seems crazy to me that I could drop a random length of rope in my inventory and then I can add to its description to detail all of the cool things I've done with this particular length of rope, but there is no similar section of editable text for other characters.

    Just let us right-click on a player character's portrait then alongside the Whisper icon add a Notes icon. Clicking that icon should give you a plain textbox you can fill in and read later.
    If you want to get fancy, then add multiple textboxes so we can list what we think their Race, Class, Background, Alignment, Age, Relationship Status, etc are along side our generic notes.
    If you want to get REALLY fancy, add one of those Notes icons to the PC's portrait for each PC we are currently controlling and label them accordingly.

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    Welcome to the FG forums.

    Feature requests are best added here:

    What you can do right now in FG for keeping ordered notes like this use the Notes functionality in the sidebar. Create a new note for each PC and update as needed. The notes support formatted text so you can add highlights, headers, bullets points, drag in linked to other records, etc..
    Private Messages: My inbox is forever filling up with PMs. Please don't send me PMs unless they are actually private/personal messages. General FG questions should be asked in the forums - don't be afraid, the FG community don't bite and you're giving everyone the chance to respond and learn!

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    Hmm. It isn't as elegant as what I was thinking, but it sounds like it should work. Plus formatted text is always nice.

    I'll try that.

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