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    Lets have fun in Phandalin again! The Dragon of Icespire Peak, with edits tho

    I believe I found everyone that will be joining up already. Thanks everyone!

    Title Draghen of Icespire Peak

    Requirements LGBT friendly, don't be a wangrod, good internet and microphone too

    System D&D 5e 100% roleplay, 50/50 combat and social

    Time and Date Wednesdays at 7PM EST - 11:30 EST

    Estimated number of sessions: 25

    Availability 0 of 6 available, starting 3/10

    About me I've been DMing for a year and a bit now. I ran through this module once, fixing all it's problems along the way. So now I want to try again and maybe fix
    it a different way. See how that goes. IRL I'm a dad. So my job is keeping kids alive. That's why I DM, so I can let you kill yourselves and not feel bad. It's cathartic.

    Character Creation The PHB has been replaced with homebrew. If you want to use things outside the PHB: subclasses are mostly allowed and they will use their original statistics, some monster races are restricted. All of character creation should be detailed somehow in your backstory. Int gives +skills as a small balance. CN, CE, NE are banned.

    Required platform(s) Discord and Fantasy Grounds (free)

    Tone Light and Dark. There will be adult themes and whimsy. Did you just roll your eyes at 'whimsy'? ohhhh here we go. There will be orcs! and rats! and spiders! not so many spiders. just like, two. and slimes! weee!

    Hook Ahhh Phandalin. The lovely little mining town in the mountains just south of Neverwinter. A great place to win a bit of coin, test your powers against the world, or maybe just do a little saving of life? They need you, you know. None of them have any skills other than finding rubies or whatever. The town did just fend off a whole group of banditry though at least! A group strong enough to take over the whole town for a while. That wasn't any fun at all. But hey, that jazz is old news. The place is bustling now!

    Other PM me about yourself and your character ideas. Also, add in a time you can remember D&D being at it's most fun for you!
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    Updated availability, starting 3/10

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    we are 2 persons , can we join ?

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    Sorry, only room for one now in case one person who was hesitant doesn't show up... Otherwise I have a full party now. good luck!

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